Self Driving Feature will cost $8000 for Tesla Model

Discussion in 'Model III Discussion' started by model3club, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. The same as Model S. It's $5000 for Enhanced Autopilot and $3000 for Full Self-Driving Capability
  2. Since at the time we place our order, the $3000 portion full autopilot will likely not be due, since they are clearly not sure when this option will be available. Is that a reasonable assumption?
  3. Elon said our cars will be able to drive from San Francisco to new York by the end of the year so I think this option will be available by the time we get our cars
  4. Also, most likely they will let you pay later if you'd like. For example, $5000 if you get it now or $6000 if you enable it later.

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