Tesla Clarifies Difference Between Model 3 and Model S

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  1. So, it's still just as expected.
    - Isn't going to be fast as a top speed Model S (yes, we knew that)
    - Smaller battery but still over 200miles as promised
    - Pay per supercharging use. Great for people that charge or at work anyways
    - Seats 5, good
    - Manual trunk, yea.. compact sedans usually come with manual and that has been fine
    - 100 configurations? Great, it makes it less difficult to choose the options

    Model 3 sounds perfect other than the smaller trunk.

    The graphic confirms some information about the Model 3 that was previously a matter of speculation. For instance, the car will be 184.8 inches long. That’s a little less than a foot shorter than the Model S. The Model 3 has seating for 5. The Model S can seat 5 adults + 2 kids with the optional rear-facing seats. Carrying capacity is a big surprise. The Model S has 30 cubic feet of room when the area behind the seats and in the front luggage compartment are added together. The Model 3 has less than half that amount. Its cargo capacity is listed in the graphic as 14 cubic feet.

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